A New IDEA For Special Education video

Running time:
Approx. 30 min.

A+ Guide to Transitions from High School to College
for Special Education

In this “college prep” video you will meet teachers, parents, and school administrators, who describe the process of transitioning from High School to College for students in Special Education and offer their best advice for having a successful experience.

Most important, you will meet students who are planning their transitions, and those who have successfully done so. They tell us how they did it, how they determined what was right for them, and how they learned to advocate for their needs.

A+ guide to Transitions from High School to College for Special Education will cover the following important topics:
  • Identifying transition goals in preparation for college
  • The role of School Counselors and Learning Consultants
  • ADA Rule 504
  • The importance of tests (SATs and others)
  • Preparing a student portfolio and transition goals in the IEP
  • Helpful hints to consider in choosing a college
  • A checklist for interviewing colleges
  • Developing self-advocacy skills and self-disclosure


..a valuable addition to high school resources, it is strongly recommended to middle school and junior high libraries as well. ~ Library Journal

This well organized, informative video is useful addition to both public and school library collections. ~ Booklist

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