A New IDEA For Special Education video

Running time:
Approx. 50 min.

Successfully Educating Preschoolers with Special Needs.
Preschool for Ages 21/2 to 5.

This video clearly describes the wonderful benefits of Preschool for children with special needs. The special education services that preschoolers are entitled to are explained by experts in the field along with experienced parents. Viewers will learn about the law The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that entitles children to special education and how the law applies to Preschool.

The key areas covered in the program are:
  • Choosing a Preschool
  • The Evaluation Process into Special Education
  • Preparing for School Meetings
  • Related Services
  • Transitioning to Kindergarten
The benefits of Preschool for special needs children are stressed as the viewers meet families excelling from the services they received.


A good primer that will help parents considering preschool understand the services available for their children with special needs, this is recommended.

Video Librarian

This video provides a good overview for parents of children who may need special education services before they are the traditional school age. Schools providing this service can use this video to help educate parents so they can become partners in their children’s education.

School Library Journal

Recognizing that even admitting one’s child may have special needs is difficult; the video is upbeat and positive encouraging and guiding parents through the evaluation and education process.

Library Journal

With a philosophy of family involvement, this useful title also covers the transitions to kindergarten.

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