A New IDEA For Special Education video

Running time:
Approx. 50 min.

A New IDEA For Special Education

This program will help parents and educators better understand the recent changes to the law governing Special Education. The Individuals with Disabilities in Education IMPROVEMENT Act (IDEA). The law was reauthorized by the Bush Administration in the Fall 2004. The changes affect everyone, both regular and special educators and most importantly, the students. The key areas covered in the program are:
  • The New Law – IDEA 2004
  • The Referral Process into Special Education
  • The Evaluation Process of a Child
  • Creating an Individualized Education Plan
  • Placement and Related Services
  • Preparing for Transitions
  • Discipline, Mediation and Standardized Testing


Originally reviewed in VL-5/98, this revised program thoroughly examines changes in the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA), offering parents of special education children an informative guide to all the key issues. ~ Video Librarian, Feb. 2006

Navigating the tricky waters of special education can be an emotional and legal nightmare. This revised program helps parents and educators understand recent changes to federal laws governing special education. From the beginnings of the process to final placement, each step along the way is fully explained, with specific terms captioned for reference. Questions regarding who can refer a child, whether parents retain rights about their child’s placement, and where to place students (in a self-contained classroom or mainstreamed with other students) are answered in a clear, helpful fashion. Interviews with parents, educators, and social workers provide varied perspectives. Including information on student referral, placement, evaluation, and transition, this program is a welcome addition to school and public library collections. ~ Booklist, Feb. 2006

This is an exceptionally informative and well made tape.
Highly Recommended. Editor’s Choice.
~ Video Librarian

Parents, especially those new to special education, and educators, including regular education teachers, will find a rich trove of information here. An important resource for public and school libraries. ~ Booklist

The interviewees are articulate and compassionate… every public library should have resource material on the subject. Recommended.
~ Library Journal

The importance of a collaborative relationship between parents and educators is stressed through every step of the process
a worthwhile program for preservice and inservice educators as well as parents.
~ School Library Journal

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