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Running time:
Approx. 50 min.

Challenging Behaviors in Young Children.
Techniques and Solutions

This insightful video gives educators and parents the ability to observe firsthand the techniques used by teachers, in a state of the art preschool and research facility, effectively managing children with challenging behaviors. The esteemed authors of the book, Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings: Creating a Place for All Children offer their expert advice, which is then implemented in the classroom.

This video includes:
  • Live classroom footage of teachers effectively defusing actual crisis situations such as; tantrums, fighting, noncompliance, separation anxiety, and other inappropriate behaviors found in your children.
  • How to model problem solving strategies and language.
  • How to be an active listener to create and environment that fosters learning while giving students the skills to solve problems on their own.
All educators and parents will benefit form viewing the techniques developed from cutting edge research as they are applied durein every day experiences and crisis situations.


Lest any sentimental soul should enter into early childhood education unprepared, this video presents extended highlights of one preschooler’s spectacular tantrum, complete with a punching, kicking assault on her teacher (and you thought teenagers were scary). Challenging Behaviors in Young Children (an alternative title might be Beautiful Children, Ugly Scenes) is an educational and enlightening look at how experienced professionals deal with violent meltdowns and other “challenging” situations, featuring actual classroom footage of teachers managing all sorts of fights, conflicts, and non compliance simply using verbal requests. Suggesting that in many cases being a good listener and cultivating the student’s own sense of control in order to solve problems are the keys, the information and insights presented here will be useful for parents as well as educators. Highly recommended for public and academic libraries, as well as schools with childcare vocational classes.
☆☆☆½ ~ Video Librarian, Feb. 2006

This insightful, somewhat academic program teaches parents and teachers how to handle “challenging behaviors in young children.” Two experts discuss various factors that cause preschoolers to engage in seemingly unmanageable conduct and present tips on how to best deal with youngsters’ explosive mood shifts. Their sound advice involves conducting research and collecting data about each child. Mixing with the interview segments is excellent footage of extremely patient preschool teachers tackling such situations as separation anxiety and fighting. One lengthy sequence of an instructor calming a girl during a wild tantrum is truly exhausting……this intelligent production presents sound advice in a persuasive manner. Clips of teachers patiently dealing with students are rewarding and refreshing, if a bit nerve rattling at times.
~ Booklist, Feb. 2006

Grace M. Hanlon, executive producer and partial narrator, is leaning and behavior disorder specialist with an M.S. in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Filmed at the Arlitt Child Development Center of the University Of Cincinnati, this program shows real-life examples of challenging behaviors in preschool-age children and the techniques that educators at the center use to handle such problems. The live classroom footage is particularly helpful in demonstrating effective control of behaviors such as tantrums, fighting, and separation anxiety. The classroom footage is interspersed with commentary by Susan Hart Bell, Victoria Carr, Dawn Denno, Lawrence J. Johnson and Louise R. Phillips, the authors of the new book Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings: Creating a Place for All Children. The focus of the program is on the development and importance of structured, planned responses to behavioral problems that allow children the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. The overall program is quite well presented and offers parents and care givers specific examples to work from as well as insight into the theory behind the actions that are successful. Highly recommended for public and school library collections.
~ School Library Journal

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